ICC Champions Trophy 2013: England & Wales Patch for EA Sports Cricket07


CT 2013 patch cricket 07


And.. finally..here it comes.. The most awaited by everyone, yes, it’s The ICC Champions Trophy 2013 ( England & Wales) Patch for EA Sports Cricket07! Yes, It’s made by A2 Studios, so you expect quality here.



  • Latest Kits, Stadiums, Pitchad & Stumps
  • Accurate Fixtures
  • Overlay Set & Broadcast Logos
  • Faces assigned in the Roster
  • Latest Gameplay Patch & new field Placements by Charles




  • Install the complete contents of the patch in the root directory (the folder where you installed your game, by default it is: C:Program FilesEA SportsEA Sports(TM) Cricket07)
  • (C:UsersXYZDocumentsEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07*Paste Roster Folder here*)
  • Ready! Launch the game and when in-game, load the roster!



More information regarding this patch, like video instructions, screenshots, how to install and updates coming soon! If you experience any errors, contact us via e-mail or comment below! We’re always FREE to help!

Hope you enjoy the A2 Studios Champions Trophy Patch !

  • satwik

    awesome patch love it a2 studios

  • visu

    game is not opening

  • visu

    i did every thing but game is not opening

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      We will give you more information regarding the patch soon.

    • Aarij Imam

      rely delete the game and install cricket 2007 copy cricket07.exe to desktop
      install the patch
      then copy the cricket07 from desktop and past it in cricket 2013 root directry replace it with the new cricket07 created by the patch 100% works

  • Anirban

    patch is nice but sometime it stops responding or it hangs

  • visu

    ea sports game play is easy but it is very tough iin multi player recently i hd found it can be play multi with joy stick

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      Haha, too late.. I’ve been playing with 4 joysticks at once, and let me tell you I played with 4 people in total in the same computer, and that too ICC Champions Trophy 2013 😉

  • alian

    async load fsh error coming when start the game what should i do????



    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      Installed the BatPack?
      Loaded the roster?

      • Aarij Imam

        me to

  • ritish

    hello bro,i have a problem,after i have launched the game if i instantly pressed ESC button,the is getting closed automatically

  • naman

    ayush….remove the privacy from this patch..i am facing problem when i am trying to download this….

  • naman

    remove the privacy ayush..i am unable to download it….

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      Simply share the patch via Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+.
      The download links aren’t survey or anything like that 😉 Download from MediaFire after you share..

  • ritish

    the loading of game is not happening

  • Tanay

    its not showing the download links please help….

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      I’ll update it soon.

      • Tanay

        please update it as early as possible………. thanks……

  • sahil

    file is set to private.. plz make it public

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      Share to unlock!
      I’m sure you must be having a facebook / twitter / google+ account..

  • tello

    plz update the link….its not opening

    • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

      Alright Ill update it…

      • tello

        now it opens but says private file

        • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

          I’ll fix that AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

          • yo yo

            Not Fixed Yet……… huh………. non sense

          • yo yo

            Ayush Pagal fix kr

          • http://www.cricketcastle.com/ Ayush

            Wait eh, understand, I’m not on my PC right now so I don’t have the link.

          • Joban

            Plzz Reupload Patch File

          • Phani

            what hpnd???

  • sanjay

    hey i shared it by tweetin in twitter but still it is private help!!!!!!!

    • showvik

      i shared it in fb.. u can try it too.. it works.. or try g+ bro

  • jas

    patch is not working

  • Soumyashish Das

    see this is what is happening when i try to download the a2 studios champions trophy 2013 patch

    • ihsan baba

      hey can some one tell us how i can get new player like virat and m irfan and more new player plzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Navneet

        Just go to google and write “ ODI 2014 kit for cricket 07 ” than download the file put the file in the cricket 07 user files present in my documents than open cricket 07 load the file and u will get u r new squad

  • Debarpan Bhattacharya

    Hi! This is an awesome patch A2 Studios better and Rocks than GM StudioZ.It has bettr graphics whereas GM studioZ make the patches more difficult and hard.You know, I played a Gm StudioZ Patch And my team’s total Run was 11 (Runs) 10 (Wickets.All Out).I expect A2 Studios Intenational Cricket 2013 will be AWESOME!.But GM StudioZ is also good.


  • harsha

    helloo.. your game is really awesome and graphics are too good.. but the game is suddenly getting hangup.. is it becoz of high graphics??? can u tell me the system requirements for this patch?? my PC has 1.87GB RAM and 2.11GHz

    • harsha

      boss ayush.. if u dont know what exactly the problem is atleast give a rly that you have no idea about it..

  • paras lodaya

    after i uninstalled this patch , it deleted my games short-cut file . from will now i get another cricket 07

  • nitin

    The game is getting closed every time

  • shams Wajahat

    kindly for god sake remove the privacy please em nt able to gt it plx dp sumthing

  • shams Wajahat

    kindlyt remove the privacy please…..!

  • Mohammad Ameer Uddin

    when am playing ” half of the Bowling marker is disappears” how can fix it plz anyone help?????

    • Raj

      Friend,i also had the same thing,please tell if you have found something….

    • ratish

      how to share

  • RAJ

    Hey please listen dude,,, When i start play , the bowling marker is half seen only and half is dissapeared.What to do man??Can you give me another marker file??

  • guest

    why is the download patch set to private?????????

  • Sangeeth Babu

    after installing the patch game don’t start .

  • Yasir Baloch Bozdar

    koi link to send karo download ka koi option he nh hai plz kindly help me…

  • Aarij Imam

    crashes whenever i choose pakistan

    • Kedar Kulz

      What is your OS ??..Try to open in compatibility mode..!

  • Aarij Imam

    it says unable to load roster when i start the game

  • Aarij Imam

    i got this error when i choose pakistan

    • Aarij Imam

      i found the solution

      of async error

      do one thing pick a .big file in the folder and copy it somewhere else then rename it to the name of which you are getting the error for, now copy it back to the root folder!

      and ur done!

  • Ali Farqaleet

    when i start the game it says async error.I have loaded the roster and also installed bat pack please reply me

  • divyang

    please tell me how to install it

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      ~Install the complete contents of the patch in the root directory (the folder where you installed your game, by default it is: C:Program FilesEA SportsEA Sports(TM) Cricket07)
      ~(C:UsersXYZDocumentsEA SPORTS(TM) Cricket 07*Paste Roster Folder here*)
      ~Ready! Launch the game and when in-game, load the roster!

  • himanshu

    in k2b cricket 13 , bowling marker(radar) is too small

    when i deleted a6da3cf7dc3df064d630a9a9c5fd6b28.o file , it become too large

    pls help me regarding this issue ..

  • bharath

    async error?? tried even replacing the file!

    • http://www.androidier.com SataN

      Downloaded the AC Studios 256 HD BatPack?

  • Gautham

    I’ve installed the bat pack and also the Patch. I see the Icon of Cricket 07 change to Cricket 07 Patch, PlanetCricket. Then when I open/double click it, it just remains as it is, and then NOTHING HAPPENS! Please help me!!!

  • Pardeep Mahrok

    Thanks for new Cricket Patch.