List of all the Cricket Patches published so far (Archived Patches)

As the number of patches keep on increasing, it is impossible to add each and every patches to our main menu and it’s sub menu! It becomes cluttered and our viewers find it difficult to get the latest patches. So, we decided to enlist all our patches in a single page to make your work easier! The list will keep getting updated as the new patches come out!

Here’s the entire list of all the patches on published since 2009! The posts are arranged chronologically (date-wise) from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom:









It’s been a long journey since 2009 to 2015 and counting! From where we started – ICL vs IPL Patch – the first ever patch in EA Sports Cricket07 history to the latest IPL08 2015 Patch!

Anyway, I hope it was helpful to have all the patches clubbed in together at one place for your ease instead of cluttering everything in the menu.