EA Sports Cricket 2016 Patch (HD StudioZ) for Cricket07 PC Game Full Free Download


The most awaited, the patch our fans have been waiting for months has now been released by HD StudioZ! Yes, as the title suggests this is a mega patch for EA Sports Cricket07 – The EA Sports Cricket 2016 PC Game (Patch) for EA Sports Cricket07 Full Version Free Download. This patch has been developed by HD StudioZ – you can like their Facebook page by clicking here.

HD StudioZ EA Sports Cricket 2016 Patch

Patch Features

  • High quality and the latest kits for each and every team.
  • Excellent and authentic modded stadiums for most of the countries.
  • High quality and original team logos.
  • Official menu and menu overlays for every team.
  • Up to date roster – latest player names, attributes and shirt numbers.
  • Realistic bats – each player has been assigned their bats to make the game more realistic.
  • Enhanced graphics – we have modified the graphics to make the game better.
  • Realistic gameplay – this patch includes a gameplay mod which means no more hitting sixes every ball.
  • Realistic outfields, pitchads and stumps.
  • Many tournaments to play, including:

– ICC World T20 2016
– VIVO IPL 9 2016
– HBL PSL 2016
– Ram Slam T20 Challenge 2016
– KFC T20 BBL 2015-2016
– ICC Test Championship 2017 Phase 1
– Oxigen Masters Champions League T20 (MCL T20)
– ICC Champions Trophy 2013
– Victoria Bitter Series 2016
– Sunfoil Test Series 2015

A new update (The EA Sports Cricket 2016 PC Game by HD StudioZ Update v1) will be arriving soon which will contain the new batpack and additional roster changes (attributes and domestic team changes).


Gameplay / Trailer



How to Install?


We have now tested your patience, and we’re finally unveiling the download links for EA Sports Cricket 2016 patch by HD StudioZ for Cricket07.

Please note that downloading each and every file below along with the batpack above is a MUST. Failing to download and install them would result in .fsh and .big error failures.

Download Cricket 16 Part 1 (235mb)

Download Cricket 16 Part 2 (235mb)

Download Cricket 16 Part 3 (204mb)

Download HD StudioZ 256 BatPack

Download Cricket 16 Roster (133kb)

Download Cricket 16 Graphics Patch (520mb)

This patch will be getting an update soon which will include minor bug fixes, roster changes, batpack changes and much more. It is expected to release before 5th of November but there is no ETA as of now. Till then you can enjoy the patch and if there is any bug, please drop a comment below so that we can assist you accordingly. Make sure you load the roster before playing the game. An installation tutorial would be released soon.

I know there’s a lot of content to download but we ensure you that your patience was worth it!

  • nkp

    Installation video tutorial

    • Coming soon today or tomorrow.

    • It’s out. 🙂

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    when we play champions trophy or world cup, it crashes after ending of first match. plz fix it.
    Give proper names to PSL, IPL and other leagues teams.

    • Did you load the roster? Did you also install graphics and BatPack patch?

      • Muhammad Shahbaz

        yes Roster file is loaded. all accessories are installed but when you are playing a series of matches it crashes after first match.

        • Can you specify which series? Or is it same for all the series? I’ll test it myself and look for your issue.. Also, what error exactly you are getting. (exact xyz.fsh or 123.big error) – can you give me a screenshot? That would help me fix it for you because the game works fine for me. Also I have added the installation tutorial so you may follow that too.

    • There is an updating coming on 10th of November. We are also making an installation video guide.

  • kirat jadhav

    hey can can u diretly give game with these things done?

  • nkp

    Crash the game and show the
    failed And this type if many file so as
    …………..big faild many file show

  • nkp

    Many failed file show .big
    Please solve the problem

  • For the guys who are facing errors (.big and .async) make sure you:

    1. Have followed the installation video guide.
    2. Have downloaded every file above, including the batpack (follow the video).

    I have the game, and I am personally facing no errors or force-closes so far. I have tested this game on Windows 7, 8 and 10!

    • abhi

      after the toss game not work show a 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big failed how to solve this prblm bro

      • Abhi Baliyan

        same prblm on low resolution

      • Qasim Hussain

        same problem here but its async load in my pc

      • Mohammad Umar

        plz download 256 batpack

    • sameer

      Sir ayush plz help me after toss game not working and 27af……..big error show how to fix

    • waqas jutt

      Sir i facing a problem model.o….. How to slove it?

      • Arunkumar

        Hi friends,
        All of u faces one problem
        (i.e)27……..big error.
        It’s easy to solve
        Choose any .big file in ur game
        (Ex: success.big) copy and paste the file into Another disk.then rename it ur error.
        Ex:if 27……big is ur error, rename
        Step2:copy the rename file in ur game. And play game.

        but if ur faces again the problem again do it
        Step 1 to 2.
        Enjoy the game

        • waqas jutt

          still facing model.o error…

        • shreyansh jain

          after the toss game not work show a 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big failed how to solve this prblm bro plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppppppppp

        • sam

          Thus it work ?

        • vaigainathan

          Thank you this is working , but one additional work has to be done , after completing 1 and 2 steps , go to documents→EA sports 13 folder , then delete the ros folder and again paste a new ros folder from above link . Then do play it’s fine.

    • Abhay Shukla

      I did every thing u showed in the tutorial but rite after the toss first it was .big error now its saying failed to open model.o

    • Harshit

      i’m also facing the same problem,please solve it

  • nkp09

    I had followed the video installation guide but i am facing many errors (.big and .async) please solve this

  • nkp09

    And worldcup group match fixture is not good check it

  • nkp09

    When the toss after the game is

  • Fahad Hasan

    Did everything right but it is crashing after the toss and showing ……….big failed error pls help

    • Did you load the roster – HDC16.ros ? Follow the video tutorial.
      Also, what error are you getting precisely?

  • amar jeet

    game is crshing after toss.. 27ab5f….fsh error message appeared. i have followed the installatio guide .. plz hlp.

    • Got your problem. The issue exists with the overlay-menu. Use a low quality (graphic) overlay menu. Then your game won’t crash =]

  • Muhammad Shahbaz
    • Muhammad Shahbaz

      after toss this appear.

      • I’ll look into this. Doesn’t happen to me though.

      • I looked onto those errors, they are apparently the files from the main patch (part1 part2 part3). Make sure you use winrar / winzip or 7zip to extract all these 3 parts properly and install in the correct location. I am 100% sure you are NOT following the steps, those files are included in my root folder!

      • Got your problem. The issue exists with the overlay-menu. Use a low quality (graphic) overlay menu. Then your game won’t crash!

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    This error not comes every time but sometime.

  • Muhammad Talha

    Greeting sir, there is problem i am facing in the game.
    cursor/selector is moving continuously up and down ,problem selecting any option.
    followed the installation guide perfectly.
    please resolve it as soon as possible.

    • You can use arrow keys / WASD till the problem exists. That’s a weird problem and I have unheard of, because this has never happened to me or any other user.

  • Sandeep Singh

    All download links are broken. Pls. provide new download links.

    • Every download link works fine for me, tested it right now.

  • Karan Thakur

    brother….i followed the video tutorial and step by step installed the patch…but in the end after the toss ….the game stops with an error message:

    kindly help me

    • Got your problem. The issue exists with the overlay-menu. Use a low quality (graphic) overlay menu. Then your game won’t crash.

      • kevin

        Hey Ayush, i have the same error and I’ve tried low graphic quality as well and i still get the error. i’ve tried Re-installing multiple times but the same error still exists.

        • Can you mention me your PC specifications if possible?

  • prateek immadi

    i did what all u said and in the installation video but at last when i copy and paste the ros in docs of 2013 .and wen i start the game the names are same as like in 07 wat i must do now

    • Load the roster in-game – HDC16.ros
      My Cricket >> Load / Save >> Roster >> HDC16

      • prateek immadi

        it’s coming like unable to load roaster

      • prateek immadi

        when i load it it is coming like cant load

      • prateek immadi

        after the toss its coming like async load 27af5b1712c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3.big failed

  • harish

    i have an doubt we want to extract all the hdpart1 and 2 and 3 or any one of these three

    • Make sure you have these three downloaded, just extract one of them and install like in the video I did. Following the video perfectly and loading the roster would give you no errors 🙂

  • Akhil Saxena

    same problem is arising after every match i.e. 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big.
    How I can fix this?
    If the solution is low quality overlay menu than from where will I get it?
    Kindly resolve it.

    • Check the featured comment! I appreciate your patience.

  • vinay

    hi ayush…
    i am getting same 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big. error..
    i followed your installation video.
    please suggest on this ASAP.

  • prateek immadi

    you said me to load the ros in my cric but its coming like unable to load the ros

  • mani

    pls assist us i m also getting same failure 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big. error..

    • I will have a look since many of you guys are receiving this error. Probably a video tutorial to fix this will come soon or a bugfix for you guys!

      • kevin

        Thanks Ayush! waiting for the fix bro! Appreciate your work.

  • mani

    please ayush what shall we do now

  • mani

    same as per the process we r duing but we getting same result

  • shashikumar mosangi

    graphic file is not downloading yet

  • shashikumar mosangi

    plz help me ayush how to download graphic file,it will stoping automatically…

    • Sobhansai Kuriti

      same problem bro

      • satyam singh

        sir i have downloaded and installed all files it is working nicely but when i play t20 world cup and after playing some matches when i returned to main menu the game automatically closes can you solve it

  • Goutham Anbu

    Error of boundary music again and again . Also bat is incorrect for all players. Kindly fix that bug

  • Dan

    ayush what do you mean low quality graphic overlay

  • Ravindar Mettu

    Unable to download files. Can someone please help me on this?

  • prateek immadi

    after the toss its coming like async load 27af5b1712c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3.big failed

    • Mani Gopal

      yes for me too

    • ajju

      One of your player face is missing

    • Asaduzzaman Khan Jewel

      i have also facing this problem . how to solve this problem. please help

  • Tausif Shaikh

    HI bro its working every thing fine but After loading the roaster The IPL team Name are coming but its showing English county team players name what to do ?????

  • Tausif Shaikh

    Guys its working peronally i am playing this. those who facing the problem first of all follow the proper video till ur facing the problem and error then there must be a graphic resolution problem in your laptop or pc

    • Really glad to hear this Tausif! Thank you for your feedback! I hope you enjoy the patch and if there’s any suggestion or error(s) you are facing, do not hesitate to comment. It should work fine because I personally tested this patch on all Windows OS (including XP) and I faced no errors. I have also posted the gameplay video. If you follow correctly, there is no room for errors!

      • Abhay Shukla

        hey ayush iam getting error model.o

  • Nasir Khan

    Old players name in this game

    • Nouman

      Load Roster….go to My cricket Load/Save Rosters…..HDC.16…LOade it…

      • Nag

        Unable to load/save HDC16 still old player is there. Help

  • sourav

    how can I download cricket 07 tool box…

  • venkateswarlu pagadala

    Hello Ayush,
    Any update regarding the 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error ?

  • Vijayaseelan Asairani

    I got async. big file error when i using HDC16 roster. Please settle the issue. There is no problem if we use old rosters. But it’s not interesting.

  • vishnu priyan

    hello ayush first of all ur doing good job i love this cricket game but i have 2 small problems i think u can help me with that
    1.the game is not runing in full screen i have faced same problem in ea 2007 also i am using in windows 10 os
    2.i am not able to create my own player .so tell me how to create a player
    i hope u reply me….

    • What error does it give you when creating your own player? You should try using Player Editor07 (available on our website)

      • JayanthKumar

        Hello Ayush, I am Facing a Problem…
        Cricket.07 Stopped Working It Shows Like This…What Can Be Done????
        Please Help Me Out??
        My Roster Is Opening With Notepad How to Change It???

        • JayanthKumar

          Can u Please Reply Me Fast…..I want to play the game

  • Kartik

    All links are working perfectly good job bro????

    • Kartik

      Bhai comment jaldi karo 2 and 3 Rd part ki link Kam nahi kar Rahi baki sab working hai jaldi update karo

      • It works fine for me, I just tested them out. Can you show what error you are getting?

  • Ritik Agrahari

    Hello Ayush,
    Any update regarding 27af5b1742…………..big failed.
    Pls solve it fst Ayush,i wnt to ply this game..
    When we are not loading the HDCros its working but when we load HDros it’s not working

  • Muhammad Nadeem
  • venkateswarlu pagadala

    Hello Ayush,
    Please provide an update on 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error. We are eagerly waiting for the fix.

  • Nouman

    Hello…..I Am Nouman …..its a very great Patch ….I am Absolutly enjoing it . But please tell me how to load the roster …..And i can not make a profile…Please solve this issue

  • venkateswarlu pagadala

    Hello Ayush,
    Any update on 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error ?

  • Nouman

    Hello ….Ayush…..Its a great patch…I am using dell corei3 laptop..but when i playthe game after the toss There comes…. 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big failed… Cn u please solve this issue..???

  • Nouman

    8f68bf602e82c37a4e16df7436825169.big failed….tell the solution….????

  • Nouman

    Finally solved the 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error… Its a great game …thanks alot to HD studios…Absolutly enjoying this..

    • venkateswarlu pagadala

      How this issue solved, please tell me i am waiting for the fix.

      • Nouman

        copy any of the .big file from game folder and paste it any where rename it with 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big or any other .big that appears .Then paste that in game folder..

        • prateek immadi

          THANKS BRO the issue is solved

        • Abhay Shukla

          i did the same u did but now the error is model.o

    • sameer

      How to solved 2715b……….big error

    • waqas jutt

      how u slove it?

  • Sarvesh Gawade

    Getting same overlay in all the tournaments…plz help

  • Ali Zain

    27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error after toss

    what to do?
    please help me

    • Ali Zain

      Followed all the instructions of video tutorial but still facing error 🙁

  • Vedant Patel

    HI, good job overall. But in high resolution, the game crashes every time when the match is finished. It does not crash on low resolution. Please fix it for high resolution.

    • Ali Zain

      How to do low resolution?

      • Vedant Patel

        Go to my cricket, system settings and change everthing to low ( 640*108)

    • Sikandar Sawant

      to play in high resolution/full screen download the software “Reschanger” and run the software just its works

  • Dan Bunker

    for me there is irretating music after a 4 or 6

  • prateek immadi

    Finally solved the 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error and also 8f68bf602e82c37a4e16df7436825169.big error .ITS A VERY GOOD GAME .

    • Momin Raza

      How? Please explain

      • prateek immadi

        it;s easy copy any of the .big file from game folder and paste it any where rename it with 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big or any other .big that appears .Then paste that in game folder.. thats it

        • Momin Raza

          Yes, Thankyou the problem is solved now 🙂

        • Sikandar Sawant

          Thanks for your reply however dear after doing this another error comes 8f68bf602e82c37a4e16df7436825169.big on screen after toss is down. Please help me out of this error if u dont mind

          • prateek immadi

            follow the same procedure for that also

    • Sikandar Sawant

      It will highly appreciated if you tell how to resolve the error as many are getting the same issue while running the game

      • prateek immadi

        it;s easy copy any of the .big file from game folder and paste it any where rename it with 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big or any other .big that appears .Then paste that in game folder..

  • Momin Raza

    When i Load the HDC16.ros file in the Game, it gives error after toss. But when i delete HDC16.ros file then game works fine but random player names and kits.
    Anyone who can help ?

  • Dan

    What about the create player option… Why am I facing that I cant create my player

  • Vijay Sai

    don’t we want to extract Part 1 and Part 2 rar file, Part 3 is enough huh!? Please say me guys please

  • ravi ahkash

    i dont have latest bat patches eg: Dhoni bat is spartan but in the game MS Dhoni’s bat is puma

  • ravi ahkash

    please respond quickly

  • Yuvraj Singh

    after toss it shows the same error as 27af5b174……….3bc3d.big error
    ….how to solve plz help

  • Yuvraj Singh

    plz respond ….

  • Sikandar Sawant

    Great Job done Mr.Ayush and we appreciate your work for this game..Its great patch and enjoyable and some credit also goes to Mr.Prateek who resolved my big file error however still big file error are not resolve in KFC Big bash tournament. Please resolve the same..

  • Sikandar Sawant

    This game can be played even in full screen amazing features are there in this patch..Great job done Mr.Ayush keep it up

  • Sikandar Sawant

    Hello Friends those who want to play this game in high resolution/full screen mode then you have to download the software “Reschanger” and run the application.IT works 100 % amazing features

  • Jatinpal Singh

    it requires authentication and a password to download… what to do..?? (talking about the part 1 here) constantly giving the error needs authentication..?? did I miss somthing in the post..??

  • waqas jutt
  • Abhay Shukla

    I did every thing u showed in the tutorial first it was .big tutorial now its saying failed to open model.o

  • sameer

    Sir ayush plz help to fix error .big

  • Shreyash

    Wasted my net data…
    Its not working followed evry steps in video.
    But aftr the toss game stops…

  • Tejas Dhanani

    don’t we want to extract Part 1 and Part 2 rar file, Part 3 is enough huh!? Please say me guys please

  • Mani Gopal

    shows error even after downloading
    the link in the same page which you gave as ”
    Click here to download if you do not have it. ”

  • Vasanth

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be8e93cff6e450ef63eb75659562bf53a3b94069b346abb3f4a20664dfa4db84.png hi ayush

    i downlaoded as per instructions and installed bu the below error shows while starting game

  • Vasanth

    help me to resolve error and play this game

  • laxman favade

    hey! I know how to load hd crick16.Ros. It is very easy first run the cricket 16 after go to my crickt 16 click on load/save and choose hd cricket 16 profile.finish

  • Azry Mohamed

    hi I am getting .fsh error problem after the toss, is it because of graphic quality. If so please tell me how to reduce graphic quality, bcz i dont know how to do it

  • Karthik V Karthick

    game pause menu not clear has garbage display

  • Ayush saran

    how to solve the conflict of players or new teams
    there are teams of 2007 no teams and new player sre there of 2016

    • Qasim Hussain

      sab se phle roster ko download kro us ke baad my documents me jao waha per cricket 13 or cricket 07 ka folder ho ga roster ko waha per extract kro….enjoy

  • Qasim Hussain

    kya ye game windows
    xp per chal sakti hai

  • Qasim Hussain

    bro part 3 nahi ho raha

    C:DOCUME~1ADMINI~1LOCALS~1TempHD C16.part3-1.rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack HD C16.exe
    C:DOCUME~1ADMINI~1LOCALS~1TempHD C16.part3-1.rar: No files to extract
    Cannot execute “C:DOCUME~1ADMINI~1LOCALS~1TempRar$EXa0.243HD C16.exe”
    ye likha hua araha hai

  • Hasan Ghani Desiered Heart

    I Also have this 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big Error. Please Solve This.

  • Hasan Ghani Desiered Heart

    Please Solve my Problem of 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big

  • Amit Kumar


  • Pratik Shah

    Ayush, in NZ series 2nd ODI, I was unable to see full selected squad, can you please take a look at this bug?

  • manish

    players name are still like old ones. rest things are changed.

  • Pronoy Ghosh

    Hey ayush, after pasting the roster in cricket 13, on opening the game, when i wanted load the roaster, there is no.roster or profile in game options. What should i do????????

  • Dhiraj Namdev

    Game shows unable to load roster,Please help

  • Tashrif Ronaldo Alam

    Hey is there an IPL update for Cricket 16? I cant download it from HD Studioz with dropbox 429 error.

  • Raj

    Shush I downloaded all parts of patches and installed it properly but after coin tossed async load .fsh error coming and I have to closed the game.

  • Vraj Desai

    I found a quick fix for the async load of 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big error.Follow these steps
    1: Copy any .big file paste it outside your root folder for the game. Rename it to 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big and then paste it in the game root directory.
    2: After you fix this and run the game you may get another error saying that async load of 8f68bf602e82c37a4e16df7436825169.big file . In order to fix this do the same this as done in step 1 except for renaming it 8f68bf602e82c37a4e16df7436825169.big.
    3: You should be good to go.Enjoy 🙂

  • abdullah shahid

    my part 1,2,3 all are not etracting showing some kind of break operation….plz tell me …have i download it properly?

  • Rishi

    Great game. Thanks for this game.

  • Rishi Agrawal

    after the toss game not work show a 27af5b1742c1673b29b2593ce7d3bc3d.big failed
    how to solve this ???
    plz tell Bhai

  • Atul

    bro by applying this patch the game is not even opening

    • Atul

      what should i do

  • Himesh pandit

    i have installed the game and its working almost fine only problem i am facing is that the names of new players aren’t there,its showing names of old players which were present in cricket 07.Also in vivo ipl its not showing original players names that are present in original ipl teams likewise ms dhoni is not present in pune team plz help how to fix this error.

  • Saad R Qureshi

    The players names have not changed, neither the domestic team names, such as teams from PSL. The roster file is also not showing up in the roster menu in the game. How to load the roster file. There is no folder with the name “HDC16.ros” in > Documents > EA Sports Cricket 13.
    Please Help, @Ayush!

  • Saad R Qureshi

    Nevertheless, good effort! THUMBS UP

  • kapil

    cricket red ball is gayab only a batsman in blue colour is their exe.

  • kapil

    my game is not opening pls help