EA Sports IPL 5 Sub Patch For EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch


Ahem Ahem, Hello World! This is OMGAyush Productions again with Addon/Module for his ultra successful patch “EA Sports Cricket 2012” . This module adds the IPL Fixtures, Kits, Stadiums, Matches and all the IPL 5 experience in your Cricket 2012 Patch provided by OMGAyush Productions! Amazing right? Play cricket at your homes!

DLF Indian Premier League 2012 (IPL-5) Patch for EA Cricket 2007 + Cricket 2012 Patch by ‘A’ Unit Studios

The #1 IPL Latest Patch released by OMGAyush with the assistance of ‘A’ Unit Studios. With realistic faces, bats, kits, stadiums, it has touched the skies with is blazing popularity. The original HD 1080p video of OMGAyush Productions On EA Sports Cricket 2012 IPL 5 Patch has been reuploaded 9 times by idiotic users. Anyways here’s the advantage of our download file:

•The download is provided by MediaFire and is 100% authentic. You may trust it.
•The game is 100% Virus Free!
•The game is 100% of NO COST!
•The game has NO Ads in it!
• Includes Direct Download Magnet Link Torrents!


• IPL Menu!
• IPL Stadiums (All 9!)
• Ultimate 256 Bats! (assigned to the dedicated players)
• IPL Menu Overlays
• Small in size (48mb only)
• And more surprises awaiting!

Gameplay Video:

Installation Guide:

How To Install?

Just read the “READ_ME” File provided with the download. All the steps are explained. Before you download, make sure that you have the requirements!

How To Play?

*Launch Game with OMGAyush Cric12.exe.
1. Load the U-IPL5 Roster first
2. Go to Tournaments
3. Then Click on DOMESTIC
4. Then go to ENGLISH/INDIAN Cricket
5. Select IPL Trophy
6. Set fixtures as “2006” overs as “20”
7. Select User Team & Start playing DLF Indian Premier League 2012 with Actual Fixtures.


✔ You must have install EA Cricket 2007 PC Game : Click Here To Check It Out!
✔ You have to install Cricket 2012 Mega Patch :  Click Here To Check It Out!
(Otherwise this patch will not work)

After Downloading the both above links..

  • Just right click on any downloaded file and click on extract…..
  • Run the setup file “IPL-V.exe” and install it to your Cricket 2007 Root directory.
  • Then load the Roster “U-IPL5” for playing IPL-2012 as well as Cricket 2012 Mega Game Matches and enjoy it…

Below Screenshots are Game-Play Reviews/Actions of DLF IPL 2012 Patch!

Click on the images to enlargen them:


✔ The IPL 5 Patch: Click here to download!  [Password: omgayush]
✔ Complete Cricket 12 Patch:  Click Here To Download!

You may also download the torrent if you don’t want to download those files:

Please Seed For Other Downloaders! Enjoy the Game and Let them enjoy download!
Enjoy Playing the DLF IPL-2012 for EA Cricket 2007 PC Game & Cricket 2012 Patch.
If need any type of assistance then comments without any hesitation…
Your feedback will be appreciation for us.