ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Overlay for EA Sports Cricket07


This is the latest ICC Champions Trophy 2013 Overlay + Menu Over for EA Sports Cricket 2007! It is pure HD and made by the premium & well reputed member of PlanetCricket, MattW.

Champions Trophy Set 2013 Preview

Of course it’s looking very good, and realistic! Who doesn’t want to download it?

Note: If your PC is not good in specifications (I mean it cannot handle high graphics) then we recommend you NOT to install this overlay + menu as it may crash your game. But if you believe your PC is good enough to handle this, then carry on at your own risk!

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  • suman

    wow.. very nice HD quality

  • Alyshaan

    I have done all steps but where to go in EA cricket to play this Champions trophy game modes or where

    • Everywhere this overlay will be there. If you want it to be in a specific ground (like for instance India) – you need to have A Unit Studios Cricket ’12 : http://cricketcastle.com/ea-sports-cricket-2012-patch-for-ea-sports-cricket07/

      After you’ve installed Cricket 12 and downloaded this overlay, go to Misc folder in EA Cricket07 Root directory and paste the files there replacing this overlay instead of any other.

      For example, the file name of this overlay is 13243.big and 1234242.fsh and the filenames of Sky overlay is sky.big and sky.fsh, rename this overlay to sky.big and sky.fsh . I hope you’re getting me. You can replace any overlay, not only sky.

  • hassaan k

    Can i use multiple patches in CRICKET

  • Abdullah Nawaz

    plz give me a brief Description about

    • This is not a patch, please read the post properly -.-

  • Aman Brar

    Download link please

  • Guest

    good overlay but please where are the instructions for installing them …..

  • haroon khan

    oh got the intstruction at ReadMe thanks for it

  • chetak

    how to i download this??

  • Anubhav Chanana

    how to download download links are closed

  • Antarik

    I have extracted the .rar file in the root directory but the overlay remains the same as cricket07. Please help me.

  • abdulah


  • mirzaawais