ICC World Cup 2015 Overlay for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download


ICC World Cup 2015 Overlay has been released by MattW! It has been long awaited, and this completely changes the look of default overlays in EA Sports Cricket07! Check few screenshots of this mod:

preview preview2

ICC World Cup 2015 Overlay in brief:

  • Realistic, just like the original ICC World Cup 2015 overlay!
  • Score changed to top corner from bottom!
  • Fielding radar now in bottom right corner!
  • Has StarSports official logo on top right for a more realistic broadcast feeling!

Some nice changes were done to the .big and .fsh files by Matt, and we appreciate his hard work!
Please Note: You must disable the picture in picture and batting timing assistance when playing with this overlay or elements will overlap.

Download The Overlay:

To download the world cup overlay, you have to unlock it (it’s free, no survey – you just need to share it socially and the link will magically appear)

Click the purple button below to download the overlay via Mediafire:

Download ICC CWC 2015 Overlay

Make sure you read the “README” file before installing it – it has all the installation instructions mentioned!