India vs South Africa 2015 Patch ( Gandhi – Mandela Series) for EA Sports Cricket07 Free Download


Here we come back, with the release of yet another exhilarating patch by a debutante studios in EA Sports Cricket07 – KO StudioZ!

Yes, as the title suggests, this patch is based on South Africa tour of India 2015 – India vs South Africa ( Gandhi – Mandela Series ) – PayTM Freedom Series. It’s been a long time since we released a EA Sports Cricket07 patch, and since this series was in demand, we thought to release it.



How to Install?

  1. Download and install Sundar’s 256 HD BatPack on a clean EA Cricket07
  2. Download the patch files – extract them; You will have two folders: KO15(Roster) and Freedom Series.
  3. Copy the files from Freedom Series folder to the EA Cricket 07 root folder and the roster folder to the EA Cricket 07 folder in “User” (for windows 7/8) or “My documents” (for windows XP)
  4. Launch EA Sports Cricket07 and load the roster.


  • Sundar For His Batpack
  • Ankit For his Graphics Selector
  • Pali For His O Model Rajkot and Raipur
  • Roni For His Test Kits (Ind,Saf)
  • Whom it may concern for O Model Of Indian Stadium.

Download The Patch

Click here to download Sundar’s 256 HD BatPack

Click here to download the main patch (93mb)

Pretty cool, isn’t it? We’re sorry to let you guys wait for so long. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more to come. Make sure you like us on our Facebook – we provide support via our Facebook page for everyone!