International 2016 Kits Pack (Patch) For EA Sports Cricket07 – Free Download


The long awaited International 2016 Kits Pack (Patch) For EA Sports Cricket07 has finally been launched by Roni of HD StudioZ! This includes 22 high quality (HQ) kits of International Cricket teams with accurate accessories and sponsors.

This kit is compatible with the HD StudioZ EA Sports Cricket 2016 patch which you can easily find on our website.


How to install?

Just like every other mod you’ve been installing, just paste all the contents (.fsh, .big files) in the Cricket07 root directory – the place where you installed your game. By defualt it is C:\Program Files\EA Sports\EA Sports(TM) Cricket07.


Looks dope, doesn’t it? Click on the image above to enlarge it. I won’t bother wasting your time and I am sure you are hunting for the download link. Click on the button below to download the kits patch:

Download International Kits - Part 1 (70mb) Download International Kits - Part 2 (10mb)

Part 1: All teams kits with accessories.

Part 2: All team’s updated Accessories – download this after part 1, and paste it in your Cricket07 root directory.

If you liked it do share it among your friends on social media. If you have any problems drop your concern in our forums or comment below.