South Africa ODI, T20 & Test Kit for Don Bradman Cricket 14 Free Download


As you know, we’ve been releasing the realistic kits for Don Bradman Cricket 14, it’s now time for the South Africa international ODI and Test kit! This kit has been made by 11Ryan11 of PlanetCricket and includes real sponsor names, color variants, etc.

SA ODI kit

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the South Africa T20 Vest and ODI Kit & Test Sponsor .rar files
  • Go to the folder: DocumentsMy GamesDon Bradman Cricket 14Textures (if you don’t have, create one) and paste the entire contents of the .zip file there (except the image files, it does not matter)
  • Do the same with both the .rar files you’ve downloaded.
  • After that open the game > team manager > South Africa > current generation and adjust the colours as given in the screenshot in the .rar file you’ve downloaded.


Tip: To show ODI kit, check “select inverse” and to show Test kit, uncheck it (as given in the screenshot below)

Sponsor switch



Enjoy the kit, do give a response and report the bugs! (if any)